Goliath came to Gatorama in 1968 as a young adult. He spent the first 25 years living in the front pond, socializing with the older Crocodiles and Alligators. Over time, Goliath began to establish his dominance over territory and animals in the pond. 

In the process, he killed many Alligators and Crocodiles. Anyone that dared challenge him, would be challenged with a fight to the death. It was determined that for the good of the entire colony, that Goliath needed to be isolated. 

Plans were made to move him to a pool where he would be comfortable and unable to kill any more of the endangered American Crocodiles. This is where Goliath lives today. To date, no other Crocodile has been as deadly an Apex Predator as Goliath. This has earned him the name “Killer Croc” and makes him Gatorama’s deadliest animal on record.

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