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Animal Encounters

Gatorventures for the whole family! Are you ready to come face to face with one of the big boys?

Alligator Shows

Live Feed Shows featuring our amazing alligators and crocodiles!

So Much More Than Gators

Guests are often surprised to find that Gatorama is home to a multitude of animals that don’t have scales. 

We Can't Wait to See You at This Year's Hatching Festival, Aug 17–26!

Discovered underneath a plane at MacDill Air Force Base in April, this massive 12 foot gator has been safely relocated to Gatorama Inc. in Palmdale. Renamed “Major MacDill”, the gator’s saga began on April 22 when he was found under a KC-135 Stratotanker.

After initially being released into the Hillsborough River by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC), the persistent gator reappeared at the base near a medical building on May 15. MacDill’s Facebook posts humorously dubbed him “Airman Ally Gator” and put him “in charge of the complaint department.”

Finally, wildlife officials brought Major MacDill to Gatorama, a more permanent and suitable home.

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Since Georgie arrived at Gatorama, many have expressed concern about her coming to an animal park that also operates as an alligator farm. However, Gatorama is one of the last family-owned alligator farms left in Florida, and Register assured everyone that their two operations are entirely separate from each other. 

“The only time the two operations come together is for our annual Alligator Hatching Festival when visitors come and hatch out babies in their own hands each August,” said Register. 

At Gatorama, Georgie will be provided quality care and treated with respect by experienced personnel who understand how to handle large reptiles properly.

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Don’t miss your chance to witness the remarkable one-of-a-kind sight of the leucistic pied alligator! Alongside this rare creature, our albino alligator will also be featured in this very special exhibit. With more than a million adult American alligators in the wild, only an estimated one hundred albinos and roughly twelve leucistic gators remain.

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