Farm Raised Alligator Meat

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Gatorama is a pioneer and leader in the alligator farming industry. We are a true family operated business with three generations working daily to provide the very best alligator product to our customers.

Alligator MeatEach alligator is chosen by hand at just the right size to guarantee our customers the most tender alligator meat you can buy. When you order from us you can expect to receive prime cuts of our premium alligator meat and ribs!

There are 3 ways to order alligator meat:

Either way you can expect to be treated with good ol' southern hospitality! We guarantee that our product arrives to you just as if you walked in and bought it in our gift shop by shipping our meat to you overnight in a special cooler and shipping box. Also included are some great family recipes that will help you explore the wide variety of ways alligator can be enjoyed. Minimum order requirement for perishable items is 4 pounds.

Finger Licking Good Packages

Alligator Tail Alligator "Gator" Tail - Named the Best in the World!
This is a genuine taste of Florida! Breaded, fried, baked, sauteed, alligator "Gator" tail is a lean, healthy source of protein that is tastier than chicken with a texture like Filet Mignon.

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Alligator Ribs Alligator Ribs - A new Southern Favorite!
Some of the best ribs you'll ever have. Fun and easy to prepare. Add your favorite sauce or Bar-B-Q seasoning and have a cookout you and your family will enjoy!

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Swamp Sampler Swamp Sampler - A Gatorama Signature Since 1996!
  • Two pound package of Meat
  • Three pound package of Ribs
  • Swamp Cabbage pickles
  • Everglades Seasoning
  • Gator Sauce

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About Gatorama Alligator Meat

Alligator is an exotic meat that you won't find on your grocery shelf. Some people say it tastes like chicken, but then for some people, everything tastes like chicken. We think it tastes like alligator. Alligator tail is a lean white meat that is firm, with a light-grained texture and mild flavor. Ribs are a bit stronger in taste and texture. Our meat is all natural. We do not add any growth hormones, antibiotics, fillers or wild meat. Our alligator meat is processed in our own inspected and licensed processing plant. If you've never tried alligator, you'll enjoy it. If you have tried alligator, you'll buy more.

How Much to Buy

Buy as much as you like - it's all good! Please note there is a 4 lbs minimum on shipping.
  • 1/4 to 1/3 pound of Alligator Tail per serving
  • 3/4 to 1 pound of Alligator Ribs per serving
  • 1 pound = 45 bite sized pieces for appetizers
  • 3 pound package of ribs = about 45 ribs

Ready for some mouth-watering, finger-licking good 'gator? Try Patty's Famous Alligator Recipes.

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